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Vitra door Shower S1200
Vitra Shower S1200

VitraShower® S1200 combines luxury, safety and elegance to create a premium shower door.

Vitra door Shower s1000
Vitra Shower S1000

Make your shower experience a relaxing moment in an exceptional place.

Vitra door Shower s800
Vitra Shower S800

Transform your bathroom into a place of comfort and harmony where you can enjoy a fresh and relaxing shower.

Vitra door Shower s500
Vitra Shower S500

Design your own oasis with quality and economy.

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Certified Doors

  • Glazing Certification Council

    They are tested in compliance with the ANSI Z97.1–2009 codes and standards, which establish the specifications and methods of test for the safety properties of safety glazing materials (glazing materials designed to promote safety and reduce the likelihood of cutting and piercing injuries when the glazing materials are broken by human contact) as used for all building and architectural purposes.

    safety glazing certification council
  • Tempered Safety Glass

    Tempered glass is a type of safety glass created through a thermal heating process to increase its strength. During this process the surfaces of the glass is heated in a furnace and is rapidly cooled by a blast of air. Tempered glass, when broken, fractures into relatively small pieces, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of serious cutting or piercing injuries in comparison to ordinary glass.

    tempered glass vitra shower door
  • Diamon-Fusion Internacional

    DFI® glass treatment provides a protective coating which makes it easier to clean surface of any glass product. It inhibits the formation of lime scaling and white rust.

    diamon fusion international glass treatment

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